Dear investors and friends,

 As you know, an unfortunate event took place on the 16th of June. Along with us, many DeFi platforms were hacked, causing investors and project owners to suffer great losses.  We could drop all of this and leave but we knew we would lose sleep over the harm done to everyone, even though sleep is crucial to human health.

 So, we rolled up our sleeves and started working towards recompensation. The whole team put all their efforts and sleepless nights into launching our new project: Simurgh. We have taken care of every little aspect of it, down to the smallest detail.

 We had decided to cooperate with the Lokum team and give away tokens of the new project. In order to make this happen, the project had to grow. However, it did not meet the expectations due to the heavy boycotts we faced from all directions, and why did we receive that?

 Because we did not run. The victims always had someone they could call to account for and ask questions. We were not like other platforms.

 Even though the project did not grow as we anticipated, we felt obliged to make it up to those who suffered, thus we worked through 3 sleepless nights and days to come up with a brand new strategy.

 We were facing 2 options:

1-Compensating the losses financially

2-Simurgh token airdrop

 The 1st is unfortunately not possible as we lost many assets during the hack, just like you.

 If the second is applied now, the project will most likely die and 90% of the victims will not be able to benefit from it.

 Considering this, we created an entirely new option which we are sure will be the most advantageous case for everyone.

 Project XSimurgh

 We are launching a brand new token. The supply will be limited and only available to the victims and it will be worth 5$.

 For instance ,we will send 20 XSimurgh tokens to everyone who suffered a 100$ loss from Ketchup or sLKM.

 These tokens will not be able to be sold or bought.

So how will this token be utilized?

-On the Simurgh site, we will open a high-APR Pool which will be locked for 2 hours and only accessible for XSimurgh owners to earn Simurgh tokens.

-On the XAshes section, the owners will be able to stake XSimurgh and earn tokens like BUSD, BNB, BTC, etc. just like the Ashes section, this will be done in the next days.


 This way, both the TVL will rise and new investors will not be intimadated to join. (Because that has been the main cause fear, everybody knew Ketchup and it was known that Simurgh was made for the victims of Ketchup. The question at hand was simple, ‘Why would I invest in a platform that will airdrop to 4000 people?’)

 Since we could not compensate your losses right away, we are sorry, yet we are also delighted to have delivered you the news of the sure success of the new Simurgh project.

 We do not have to remind you about our availability on Telegram, as we always have and always will be ready to assist you 24/7.

 We knew we could rise from our ashes, now it is time to achive this together.

The contract address is :  0xF6a557bd6Fb2A96dC04B6266D8F8d6E729c8b3C7

You can already add it to your trustwallet, the distribution will start on wednesday at 10pm utc.


To a future of soaring through blue skies,

With our best regards,

Teams Lokum and Ketchup